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From injury prevention,

to recovery:

Supporting the 17 million Australians that experience pain weekly.

Injury Prevention
La Trobe Uni
Employment Hero
Safety Suite

"I could not recommend a better program for empowering employees to look after their wellbeing. The feedback has been phenomenal, people loved the content and have come away with lifelong skills and tips on how to keep their body healthy and well.”

Alex McDonald

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Activations tailored to your needs

Whether it's reducing injuries, retaining staff, or improving return to work outcomes, our team works with you to resolve physical health challenges. 


Because what works for one, may not work for everyone. That's why our first step is always to learn about your needs and goals.

Musculoskeletal injuries (MSDs) are the leading claims cost for employers, with up to $100k lost for each and every claim.

More than sore muscles, MSD injuries often trigger secondary psychological conditions, constituting a psycho-social risk to employees.


The BodyGuide Community:

Championing best-practice in both healthcare and safety



Scalable Technology

Rehab Program

Pain Relief & Strengthening Programs

Early intervention,
on demand physical health support 24/7. 


1:1 Coaching

(text, audio & video)

1:1 coaching lets your team personalise every experience. From technique help, to questions big and small.




Custom care pathways allow your employees to report issues and / or book appointments with health providers. All customisable to your needs.

Essential Education

Masterclass Body Literacy


Supporting health and safety professionals better address manual handling risks.

We also run sessions focused on improving the individual health of employees. 

Sick of Being Sore Book

I'm Sick of Being Sore

I’m Sick of Being Sore offers health literacy in paperback, ebook or course structure. Everything your team needs to know to better self manage their health, and reduce risk.


Relief Kits

Relief Kits delight, inspire & prepare.

A great resource for staff onboarding and staff retention.

Proactive health services

Chiropractic Treatment

Allied Health

Providing onsite and / or remote care health services; from prevention to recovery.

Teamwork in the office

Job Design Reviews

We work with you to identify, explore and resolve physical health challenges.

Drilling Metal

Risk Assessments

Ergonomic, manual handling and occupation specific assessments.


Recommended and endorsed by doctors

BodyGuide was created by

Matthew Green after 10 years in clinical practice.


Our medical advisory team is made up of doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, strength and conditioning coaches & occupational therapists.


Matt is also the author of

I’m Sick of Being Sore.

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"Love Matt's work. Love his book.

I'm Sick of Being Sore offers an enjoyable treat of a read that could change your life and let you return to some of those things you miss."

Dr. Peter Bruckner

OAM, world renowned physician. Ex team doctor Liverpool F.C., Australian Cricket Team, Socceroos, Author of Clinical Sports Medicine.

Better options

= better outcomes

Early intervention

Improved strength and posture

Grow health literacy

Increased resilience

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