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68% of people feel body aches and pains, weekly.

That's 68% of your most valuable asset, distracted.

Helping them feel better has never been easier.

Built by health professionals,

to encourage earlier intervention.

Two-thirds of Australians ignore pain, rather than address it.

Some avoid seeing health professionals because of time, or the cost - or simply because it doesn’t feel serious enough yet. 

[ /ˈprɛz(ə)nˈtiːɪz(ə)m/ ] noun

employees who are still physically present at work, but are not fully functioning because of illness, injury or other conditions.


Better options = better choices.

Current behaviour:

High cost, delayed intervention,

poor outcomes.

New paradigm:

An educated +
empowered workforce. 

Pain starts

Rest / Avoid the movement
/ Self medicate

Seek answers on

Google + YouTube

Book in with a professional

(wait days for the appointment)

Appointment takes hours out of your day (inc. travel time),

then book a follow up

Presenteeism + Absenteeism

Pain starts

Open BodyGuide App

Personalised program can

commence in < 2mins


Fast-track to professional care

Daily sessions to

fast-track recovery

Your team, back on track

Ergonomic Desk and Office Set Up


Working from has disconnected us from ergonomic workspaces. BodyGuide includes step by step videos to help your team work safely from home, without the need for expensive equipment.

Telehealth - wellness from home with no fancy equipment

Health Professionals

BodyGuide's risk identification algorithms helps fast track users to professional care. Our network of health professionals are available to support your staff when they need a real person.

A complete


Telehealth bookings for workplace wellness


BodyGuide empowers your team to proactively improve their health

before they take an afternoon off for an appointment.

Personalised programs in under two minutes

- backed up with professional support at the click of a button.

On-demand programs covering common pain areas (neck, back, hip, knee, shoulder, etc).

Access to discounted Telehealth services from our multidisciplinary network - Physiotherapy, Myotherapy, Occupational Therapy.


Tailored programs focus on education and resolution, rather than just relief.


Anonymous access, allowing users to work proactively, regardless of whether they are comfortable talking to their 1st in charge.


Algorithms identify at-risk users, encouraging them to seek professional care.

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