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General FAQ

Where can I read the privacy policy?

You can read our Privacy Policy here.


What are you doing with the data I entered in the sign up?

We use the data you provide to better create a custom solution for you. We will never sell any of your data. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

How old should I be to use this app?

BodyGuide is built for users aged 18+ and above.

How do I contact BodyGuide? How can I send Feedback about the app?

You can contact us via our Contact page, send feedback directly to hello [at] We welcome all feedback!


I’m a health professional, I’d like to be involved in the project, how do I reach out?

You’re awesome. You can reach out to hello [at]

Who made BodyGuide? Can I trust that it’s actually good for me?

BodyGuide is the brainchild of Matthew Green, a Myotherapist with 10 years clinical experience.  To build it, Matthew brought together a medical team of Australia’s leading Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Strength and Conditioning coaches, to contribute to the product.  We’re still welcoming health professionals to the team, to make BodyGuide better.

Is BodyGuide a medical device?

No, BodyGuide is not a medical device. It provides no diagnosis. BodyGuide is intended to help people self manage known issues, through the provision of educational material.


Program FAQ


Can I have two or more programs?

Yes, you can run two or more programs at once. You will only ever have one ‘active’ program, which you will see on your ‘Profile’ page in the ‘Program’ section. You can see all of your programs, ‘Active’ and ‘Paused’ by taping ‘See All’.

How do I start a new program?

Head to your ‘Profile’ page and tap the ‘Settings’ cog. You will see a ‘Start a New Program’ option.


How can I watch an exercise explainer again?

On each 'Move' and 'Soothe' activity page, there is a ‘Rewatch Explainer’ button (in blue) below the image. To rewatch a 'Learn', simply tap on the activity again from the 'Today' page.

What if I don’t have the equipment to complete the exercise?

We have tried to create programs that can be completed with everyday items, at home. You can get creative.  Someone used an ice cream scoop instead of a tennis ball for a self massage.  We don’t necessarily recommend this, but do encourage you to find safe solutions to get the most out of your program. If you cannot find anything, click the 'skip activity' button, and it will be marked as complete.


Why am I getting exercises and learning about parts of the body unrelated to my problem area?

Your program will branch out from the initial area, to help you learn about the rest of your body. This is great for developing lifelong skills - but also very important to explore if the issue hasn’t resolved. Example: you may find that a hip issue is influenced by a lack of ankle stability. As you improve your ankle stability, you may notice a change in your hip.


Why did it block me from getting a program?

There are some instances where symptoms or historical occurrences mean that a real live health professional may be the safest option for you. If for example, you have had a trauma recently, the potential for issues (eg fracture) may mean we are unable to provide a program.


On occasion, people are blocked because they misread a question. Be sure to read questions carefully.

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