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with the Optimiser Program

The optimiser program is for people that want to move like they’re 20 again.

Sure, you might have some niggles or injuries you want to resolve along the way, but there’s a bigger picture you’re working towards. 


You want to feel your absolute best. 

You want a bulletproof body that lets you participate in life without holding back.

Up until now, you’ve tried lots of things, tinkered with different training & treatment styles… but there’s something missing. In spite of all the money and time you’ve spent on your health, you still don’t have the relationship with your body that you want. 


Common frustrations: 

  • You can’t train the way you want to, without inviting injury

  • You haven’t achieved your body composition goals (getting leaner / putting on muscle / regaining flexibility)

  • You haven’t addressed your posture

  • You feel like you have more potential to unlock

  • You don’t buy into the idea that things have to get worse as you get older. 


Ultimately you want joyful, strengthful movement.

The focus is on you

I only take 4 clients per month (total), across both the Exec Health and Optimiser programs, to ensure you get the focus and support you need.


This is not a fitness challenge. This is a 1:1 ongoing relationship that lets you achieve your goals sustainably. 


Throughout the program, you will have daily access to me, when you need it.

Build a body

that can

Build a body that can

Depending on your goals, we will typically cover.

  • Foot activation / arch reclamation

  • Deep core structures and breathwork

  • Pelvic stability & power

  • Postural retraining

  • Body composition transformations

  • Plyometrics (hopping, jumping, running)

  • Primal / non-linear functional training

  • Fascial integrity & compression work

  • Sport / activity specific programs

  • Mindbody retraining


Because everyone is different, there is no one-size-fits-all price for the optimiser program. Everything is tailored to your specific goals and needs. 


The base program starts from $5,650, and is a minimum 2 month commitment. 

Peter Brukner.png

"Love Matt's work. Love his book. I'm Sick of Being Sore offers an enjoyable treat of a read that could change your life and let you return to some of those things you miss."

Dr Peter Brukner, OAM, previous team doctor for the Australian Cricket team & Liverpool F.C.

The Process

Step 1: Reach out via the contact us button and share your goals.


Step 2: We’ll organise a free discovery call. This gives us both an opportunity to ask questions. Depending on your goals, I am sometimes able to ball-park the time commitment to achieve them. 


Depending on your health history, I may recommend completing the Exec Health pain program before trying to optimise. 


Step 3: We progress to your initial consultation. It’s in this session that we complete a full body review and pull together your program framework. This is a hyper-personalised process, based on your history, current physical condition, your goals, your lifestyle and availability. 

The cost for this session is $550, which is then credited towards your program. 

Step 4: You opt in, we kick off.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Here’s to mindful, carefree and fluid movement. 

- Matt


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