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Why partner with us

Nurture member


Offer member

value / perks

Re-engage injured

/ absent members

The last 12 months have been... challenging. Businesses closing and people working from home - our physical and mental resilience has taken a beating.


With the lack of movement, comes a lack of motivation and increased aches and pains. And we all know that going too hard after a long break is a recipe for issues popping up.

Now more than ever, nurturing relationships with your members and keeping them engaged with your brand, is important.

We’d like to give you something positive to offer your community:

3 months access to BodyGuide for free. Help them feel better in their bodies and motivate them to get back to your business.

Your community get something of value, for free, a gift from you. 

3 months free access = $39 value

How it works

(It's super simple) 



Partnering with BodyGuide is simple. You tell us how many of your members you will offer it to, (we don’t ask for their details) and we provide you with a unique link.


Roll out

We'll provide you with a clear explainer of what BodyGuide is, along with your link, and you can send this out to your members via whatever channels you use to communicate with them.



Your members enjoy 3 months of BodyGuide FREE!
There is no cost to you or your members, and no automated billing cycles after the 3 month period ends. 

Partner Sign Up

What exactly is BodyGuide?

BodyGuide is an app, that provides people with

short and simple programs, to help them when they are in pain.

It uses a smart onboarding process to understand the problem,

then it creates a personalised program that helps users move away from pain

using education, strength and self-massages.

Is BodyGuide a fitness app as well?

Nope, our focus is on pain education and resolution.

We’re not about yoga flows or HIIT classes, we’re trying to future-proof bodies.

What does BodyGuide get out of this?

Brand awareness and an opportunity to learn.

The more active users we have, the better we can make BodyGuide.

Plus, COVID has genuinely been tough for all and we want to help

both business and individuals if we can.

What happens at the end of 3 months?

The free subscription will end and BodyGuide simply reverts back to the unpaid version.

No surprise auto-renew or billing cycles.

Your members can choose to purchase it if they love using it.

Who made BodyGuide?

BodyGuide was founded by Matthew Green, a Myotherapist with 10 years experience. Matthew and BodyGuide are backed up by an advisory team of Physios, Osteos, Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Member perks,

without the cost 🤩 

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