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We're looking forward to your masterclass.

We'll be in touch within 2 business days, 

to select your webinar date and time, 

and to learn about your team's needs.

Included with masterclass

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BodyGuide access for your team (total $1900)

BodyGuide is an app that helps you do the things you love, pain free. Built by a team of health professionals, BodyGuide creates personalised exercise programs based on your symptoms (and goals!). From simple anatomy, to soothing self massage - we help you get your body back on track. Your team will have access to BodyGuide for 3 months.


I'm Sick of Being Sore eBook ($9.99 pp)


Breaking the cycle of pain and appointments. Lessons and stories from over 10,000 hours with patients. A light hearted, enjoyable read that shines a light on the cultural, physical and emotional ways in which we approach our health. From medical facts you won’t believe, to methods you can try at home, I’m Sick of Being Sore will change how you move & feel.An illustrated guide to the cultural, physical and emotional ways we deal with discomfort.

Masterclass includes:

Presented by Matthew Green, Creator of BodyGuide, Author of I'm Sick of Being Sore

60 minutes (includes Q&A time)

Practical skills for your team, plus the theory behind it​​

Also included, limited time offer:

3 months access to BodyGuide for your team

(for up to 50 of your team members, contact us for larger groups)

I'm Sick of Being Sore eBook


Book before April 30th to redeem.

Limited time offer

5 left

Topics Covered


Taking the mystery out of physical health (and the health industry).


Forget fitness: feel better, by doing less.


How to pick a great therapist/ Medical facts you won't believe..

Tools for life

Are your emotions causing tension? The neuroscience behind common aches and pains.

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