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Case Study:

Updates and insights from our ongoing research program.

BodyGuide has partnered with LaTrobe University & the Digital Health CRC to conduct research on the impact of BodyGuide’s Prevention Program. The first phase of the program has now been completed and we’re excited to share preliminary results.


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Preliminary results

(pending academic review)

The BodyGuide Prevention Program has been shown to:

Identify at-risk cohorts within a 'healthy population' of employees via an inclusive & efficient employee wellbeing program.

Improve the health literacy of the cohort and support them to engage with their health proactively.

Reduce endemic risk associated with workers compensation claims.


What is the program?

The BodyGuide Prevention Program is a group education program that helps identify and support at-risk employees within the workforce. Positioned as a one month physical health challenge, employees are welcomed into a 3 part course, delivering our Relief, Resolve & Resilience sessions:


  • Explore two types of tension (and how to solve them)

  • The problem with stretching

  • Evolutionary movement

  • A guide to self-massage


  • The problem with scans (and the myth of bulged discs)

  • Training smarter, not harder

  • Waking up your foundations


  • Your Limbic System: how pain and emotions get tangled.

  • Navigating the health industry

  • Building a body that doesn't need treatment to feel good.

Having attended the group sessions, employees are then provided multiple pathways to personalise their experience. 


I'm Sick of Being Sore

An illustrated guide to breaking the cycle of pain and appointments


BodyGuide Platform

Personalised exercise 
and education programs via the BodyGuide App.


1:1 Coaching

Text, voice and video coaching let employees personalise their experience.

Helping those most in need

(& removing the stigma)

In this study, we saw 24% of participants engage with 1:1 coaching, while some employees spent over 8 hours in the program…and that’s just in the first month!


By creating multiple touch points (multiple sessions + learning pathways) employees become more familiar with the program and more comfortable engaging. The nature of group learning creates a safe environment that bypasses the stigma and allows those in most need to reach out.

In many ways, you can think of BodyGuide Prevention Programs as a comb running through the organisation, identifying and supporting those in most need.

More than Sore Muscles

For too long, physical & mental health have been treated as separate issues. This is in spite of the overwhelming body of evidence that they are deeply related (and arguably inseparable). 

At a time when mental health initiatives have become a little (don’t hate me) ‘stale’, programs targeted at the physical offer a real opportunity to engage employees, without the baggage of ‘mental health at work’. 

In our Resolve and Resilience sessions we move beyond the physical, learning about the mind body connection and its implications for mental health. By starting the ‘physical’ conversation, we get permission to discuss the emotional impact, without the baggage.


If you’re ready to champion holistic injury prevention at work, let’s talk!

More results

We are incredibly pleased of the results of this pilot, and look forward to sharing more results in the coming weeks.

"Fantastic concept, made you definitely think outside the box."
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