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of people with lower back pain feel more positive after their 1st session


of people with shoulder pain report reduced discomfort after their 1st session


of hip pain sufferers report reduced discomfort after the 2nd session


of people with neck pain have learned something new about their pain in the 1st session

I started using BodyGuide thinking it would help get me through until I could get an appointment, but by day 3,

I was feeling a noticeable difference - almost pain free and I didn't need to make that appointment!

- Garran



Feel better at home,

no fancy equipment required.

New me:

  • Can soothe discomfort when it arises.

  • Empowered to move rather than rest.

  • Understands the common causes of pain.

  • Making little changes, every day.

  • Building a body that is more resilient to the modern world.

Old me:

  • Struggles to find time for self care.

  • Waits days for appointments when in pain.

  • Hates the mounting costs of ongoing appointments.

  • Tries Dr.Google but sceptical about trusting the advice.

  • Scared sedentary lifestyle will have long term effects.


365 days

of support,

for less than

the cost of a

60-minute appointment.

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