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BodyGuide MSD Consultants

We partner with organisations to identify, explore and resolve physical health challenges.

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La Trobe Uni
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Championing best-practice in both healthcare and safety


We're a group of healthcare & safety practitioners that work closely with employers across industries.

Whether it's reducing injuries, retaining staff, culture change or capability building, our multi-modality team brings a broad set of skills to complex problems.

Patient/Employee Engagement Strategies


Job Design &





Because organisations come in all shapes and sizes. Some are at the very beginning of their journey; laying the foundations of intervention programs. Others need to build on existing frameworks, amplifying engagement & delivering ROI.

Whatever your needs, big or small, we’re here to help. We’re ready to listen, then roll up our sleeves and contribute meaningfully.

Bespoke team activations


"I could not recommend a better program for empowering employees to look after their wellbeing. The feedback has been phenomenal, people loved the content and have come away with lifelong skills and tips on how to keep their body healthy and well.”


Alex McDonald,



Medical Advisory

Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson

25+ years Occupational Therapy. President Aus Hand Therapy Assoc.

Dr Paula Charlton

Dr. Paula Charlton

PHD Physiotherapy,
PHD Epidemiology.

Leigh Gant

Leigh Gant

Strength &

Conditioning coach.

HSE Advisory

Louise Dubois

Louise Dubois

BodyGuide Ambassador
ex Director Safety Deloitte, Ambulance NSW, Optus.

Amanda Clements

Amanda Clements

Founder of Collective Lab, Group HSE Manager Mirvac.

Georgie Drury

Georgie Drury

Founder SpringDay employee wellness. Change management specialist.

Physical injury remains a stubborn prevention problem

Body stress claims are still the leading cause of worker’s compensation claims with an average cost of $74,000 (direct and indirect). The worst will cost over $450,000.

Yet the ‘injury prevention/return to work’ industry is still built on outdated interventions, most of which are vendor led. When the vendor is leading the conversation, solutions will be narrow and often a poor fit for your specific cohort of employees.

We are here to problem solve, not just insert the same product into every situation.

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