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Build a body


that can

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 Life's too short to be in pain 

Personalised exercise programs,
based on your symptoms.

Find out what works for you
with the personalisation quiz, 
and get 30 days free:

BodyGuide works

87% of people with back pain feel more positive after just their first session.

Built by health professionals

No fancy equipment needed

7 targeted pain areas

Customised programs in under 2 mins

No hidden costs

Easy as 1, 2, 3


easy questions

Receive your personalised program

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Recommended and endorsed by doctors

BodyGuide was created by

Matthew Green after 10 years in clinical practice.


Our medical advisory team is made up of doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, strength and conditioning coaches & occupational therapists.


Matt is also the author of

I’m Sick of Being Sore.

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"Love Matt's work. Love his book.

I'm Sick of Being Sore offers an enjoyable treat of a read that could change your life and let you return to some of those things you miss."

Dr. Peter Bruckner

OAM, world renowned physician. Ex team doctor Liverpool F.C., Australian Cricket Team, Socceroos, Author of Clinical Sports Medicine.

5 Stars

Apple App Store Rating

I started using BodyGuide thinking it would help get me through until I could get an appointment, but by day 3,
I was feeling a noticeable difference - almost pain free and I didn't need to make that appointment!

- Garran H

Garran Talbot self treatment sore neck

Build a body that can.

BodyGuide Asks Smart Questions About Your Pain

At BodyGuide we believe bodies are amazing. 

We ask so much of them and for the most part they deliver without the slightest complaint. 

But our bodies need a little help in the modern world.

They weren’t built to sit at a desk or do the same repetitive behaviours all day long. 

Naturally they breakdown at times; niggles turn into aches and aches turn into pains. 

And these aches and pains can get in the way of us doing the things we love. 

We stop running, we stop dancing.

Many of us cross our fingers and will the pain way.

Others seek treatment and find themselves in endless appointments. 

We curse our bodies for not keeping up. We worry that this is a sign of deterioration. The new normal. 


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A new way to improve your body.

Lower Back Pain Strengthening


of people with lower back pain feel more positive after their
1st session

Shoulder Pain Help


of people with shoulder pain report reduced discomfort after their 1st session

Hip Pain Education


of hip pain sufferers report reduced discomfort after the 2nd session

Neck Pain Relief


of people with neck pain have learned something new about their pain in the 1st session

BodyGuide Daily Rehab Program

and start your


Download BodyGuide on the Apple App Store
Download BodyGuide on Google Play
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