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The Body Course

Build a body that doesn't need treatment.

Life’s too short to be stuck in appointments, wasting your emotional energy on pain.

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, or want to deeply understand your body, The Body Course will take you on a head to toe journey.

No boring stretches, just the knowledge of how our bodies work and why they complain.


We're not meant

to be in pain

We’ve evolved with 2 primary goals; to hunt and to procreate. Pain doesn't help with either. So why in the modern world do almost all of us suffer from pain? 

What is it our bodies are craving?

What have we removed from our movement diet? 


Learn you:




  • Explore two types of tension (and how to solve them)

  • The problem with stretching

  • Evolutionary movement

  • A guide to self-massage & self-efficacy

  • + more

  • The problem with scans

  • Exploring compensation patterns

  • Waking up your foundations, from feet to core

  • Balance, flexibility & strength

  • + more

  • Your Limbic System: how pain and emotions get tangled

  • Navigating the health industry

  • Building a body that doesn't need treatment to feel good

  • + more

Let's learn the things we should have been taught in high school.

Let's build a body that doesn't need treatment to feel good.


Letter from Matt:


Let’s free you from the cycle of aches & pains. Whether it’s a niggle or long term chronic issue - if you’re motivated, you can solve it. 


Rather than focus on what’s in the course, I think it’s important to understand why it’s going to work. 


Many of us assume our issues are really serious - that our back or knee or neck is beyond fixing. We’ve probably had it for a while & tried lots of things to solve it. Naturally, we start to wonder if there even is a solution… maybe we just need to chalk it up to old age?

Behind this reflex to give up, there’s something else chipping away at your optimism. Something you have no control over, and isn’t your fault. In fact, it’s a logical response to the ‘system’ in which we’re trying to fix the problem. 


What do I mean by ‘the system’? I mean appointment-based care. We’re so used to the idea that if we want help with our body, we need to pay for little blocks of time with an expert. When we leave the appointment, there’s no extra help. We might have one appointment a week, then we stop going once it starts to go away.


It’s a silly & expensive process that should make you wonder, why is there no middle ground between Dr Google and $100 appointments? Why are my only options to be completely self guided, or to go see a professional for 45 minutes? Surely I can learn some of this myself?


Appointment based care is a clunky, legacy business model.

The sheer cost and time involved means we have to

weigh the investment against all the other priorities in our lives.


And so of course, we fall into the trap of doing nothing about our pain,

waiting for it to get worse before we act. 

It’s not that we don’t want amazing health professional around us.

They're incredible and we need their help from time to time.

But we also need ways to learn and build confidence on our own,

before, during and after the appointment. 


When we have access to knowledge and support, in our own time, we can stop binging on appointments. We can start to address the actual underlying issues. We can make meaningful, sustainable progress towards the body we miss. The one that let us do the things we love, without fear of consequence. 


The Body Course is everything I teach my patients in clinic. From what is tension, to the problem with the stretching, to how to work out if your emotions are playing a role in your pain. We cover self care skills, like effective self-massage and why you never need to foam roll again. We even explore how to pick a good therapist when you do need one, and why keeping the same doctor helps you live longer.


It’s not a small course. It’ll take you some time to work through, but that’s kind of the point. 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, slowly but surely. 


Once you’re finished, you’ll see your body in a whole new light. You’ll have learnt fundamental self care skills. You'll have chipped away at your problem areas through personalised homework. You’ll get stronger and more self-aware. 


You’ll have built a body that doesn't need treatment to feel good.

- Matt

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