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Inspiring sedentary workers to engage in their physical health

We all know sitting for long periods is terrible.

Not just for pain & productivity, but for heart health, diabetes, mental health & even cancer risk. 

Injury Prevention

We deliver:

Beautiful, engaging programs that solve aches, pains and tension - encouraging sedentary workers to embrace movement.


Our Employee Programs have been university validated to:

  • Decrease pain

  • Increase movement

  • Decrease medication reliance

  • Improve psychosocial awareness

You can learn more about the program & it’s impact here.


68% of desk workers experience body pain each week, losing 9.6 hours of productivity per month

"I could not recommend a better program for empowering employees to look after their wellbeing. The feedback has been phenomenal, people loved the content and have come away with lifelong skills and tips on how to keep their body healthy and well.”

Alex McDonald

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Activations tailored to your needs

From a once off workshop, to our flagship program, we tailor experiences to drive the highest engagement.

An ecosystem of products designed to inspire

We work with you to find the right balance, for both time and budget.


The keys to behaviour change are twofold: motivation & accountability. That’s why every BodyGuide program comes with 12 months of sustained engagement support. 


From the BodyGuide newsletter, to your digital hub & the BodyGuide Platform, your team has physical health support 24/7 at the tip of their fingers, with effective content like this:

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