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We help organisations improve physical health & reduce injuries in the workforce.

Our speciality is injury prevention & early intervention, but we also help with job design and broader problem solving.

Injury Prevention

Our approach is something new

We’re not strapping sensors to people, or wasting your budget with ineffective manual handling training. We create beautiful, engaging experiences that drive employees to invest in their health. 

Our programs establish and support positive workplace culture, removing stigma so that employees feel safe to talk to their managers, before they’re a claim.

"Not only did the BodyGuide program achieve incredible results for Multiplex, the feedback from staff was fantastic. I highly recommend the BodyGuide team for their thoughtful and engaging approach to injury prevention. It’s great to see real innovation in this space."


Paul Breslin

Our signature Prevention Program

Our Prevention Program creates a safety net for employees experiencing pain, while driving proactive employee engagement.

Our programs have been university validated to:

  • Decrease pain

  • Increase movement

  • Decrease medication reliance

  • Improve psychosocial awareness

You can learn more about the program & it’s impact here.


Sustained engagement

Baked into every Prevention Program is our sustained engagement strategy, with monthly comms and resources that ensure the program stays front of mind for workers.


Tailored for every organisation, the program can be targeted at specific occupational risks, while also increasing the uptake of pre-existing programs (Ie. Early Intervention & Employee Assistance).

Integrated Injury Management Programs



To Work

  • Injury prevention

  • Decreases Stigma

  • Increased self-care skills

  • Improved culture & productivity

  • Increased uptake and impact of Early Intervention Programs

  • Supporting workers to recover at work

  • Claim prevention

  • Reduced claim duration

  • Highly legislated

  • Little to no autonomy for employers or employees

  • Ticked by default.


"Matt's insight into musculoskeletal injuries is unparalleled and our audience of over 700 was particularly enamoured with his fresh approach to workplace injury. He was engaging and passionate about his work, and brought about a frank, honest discussion that outlined just how organisations can prevent their people from harm."

Joseph Pinto

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