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This kit has everything you need to move away from pain!

  • 12 months BodyGuide App Subscription - unlimited exercise & pain relief programs
  • eGuide to Self Massage
  • Hard Massage Ball - for deep muscle release
  • Premium Massage Ball - a soft ball for tender areas
  • Large Cork Massage Ball - great for areas with extra padding, hips and glutes
  • BG Stick - a magic wand for releasing neck tension
  • I'm Sick of Being Sore Book, by Matthew Green - paperback.

A must read for people in pain:

Lessons and stories from over 10,000 hours with patients.


A light hearted, enjoyable read that shines a light on the cultural, physical and emotional ways in which we approach our health. From medical facts you won’t believe, to methods you can try at home, I’m Sick of Being Sore will change how you move & feel.

Relief Kit + 12 month BodyGuide App Subscription

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