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Understanding pain during movement

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The main concern with pain, is when it’s increasing in frequency or severity. This is your body’s way of saying 'stop', and re-evaluate what you are doing.


You probably already knew that.. But other pains are more ambiguous. If you’ve got an existing ache or pain that you are trying to address, then sometimes a little discomfort isn’t necessarily bad. It might just mean that you are exploring a movement which exposes the problem.


It’s all about patterns. If you find a little pain and choose to explore it, then listen to your body. If you can work in and around the pain, without it getting worse, then you might be onto a winner. In fact, a movement that is sore once, may not be sore the second time. You won’t know this if you don’t explore.


It can be hard to feel confident interpreting the messages that your body is sending. But don’t let that put you off.


Just remember that sharp pains, and pains increasing in intensity mean stop. Other pains may just be a signal - to listen, adjust & explore.

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