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Hafnia x BodyGuide

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

BodyGuide is excited to announce a partnership with Hafnia (member of the BW Shipping Group).

Through their innovation program, BodyGuide will be available for up to 1200 seafarers - supporting the wellbeing of crew while at sea. Hafnia’s innovation program was established early 2020, with a goal to support start-ups that are solving key business problems for the shipping group. Previous areas of focus include the reduction of waste and pollution, improved logistics and onsite safety. This will be Hafnia’s first foray into healthtech as a preventative tool for musculoskeletal (MSK) issues.

65% of the adult world experiences body pain weekly, with two thirds choosing to ignore it rather than deal with it. BodyGuide creates an opportunity for seafarers to proactively (and anonymously) invest in their physical health, before it escalates to an appointment or off-work injury.

BodyGuide and Hafnia will work closely, sharing data insights and exploring the business case for the broader maritime industry.

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